If you choose to enter the CGB/Trannn platform for consumption through the program nnnShopping, for amounts under €1.000 you can make monthly purchasing for double value of your payment or even get monthly €1.000 without any payment at all!

Principles are explained HERE.


  • With nnnVouchers, we offer our members more than 10,000 diverse "gift cards" and "gift certificates" from international and local retail chains and malls.

  • On the open market there are many examples of gift card offers, like HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE ...

  • On the net price of the card (with included discounts) we grant another 50%, so that the money of our members is real worth significantly more than 200%

  • Permanently REDUCED PAYMENTS are achievable through the CGB coalition PURCHASE by using nnnVouchers (Trannn Commodity Privilege Voucher®) for food, household items and majority of other consumer products (and services).

  • The merchandise are supplied at large, nationally reputable chain stores or shopping centers

  • Members therefore, achieve REDUCED PAYMENTS on reported prices, even on top of those included in the occasional "action sales"!

  • Let it be noted here that the members constantly get an additional certain value in Trannn Vouchers for each consumer spending within their group.

  • These are incredibly large amounts, up to 10 times higher than in the current global MLM and Direct selling systems

  • It is precisely because the CGB system is not a full-fledged MLM or direct selling, but instead an amalgam of their best virtues with an enhanced form of Coalition purchase, whose synergistic effect comes from the continuous large orders and their appropriate rebates - which allows for almost all the profits to be returned back to the members of an entire coalition.

  • The actualization of CGB (Coalition GroupBuying®) Trannn Voucher in itself, to get a more favorable coalition purchase (up to 50%), does not mean that it represents a direct means of payment for taking over of goods / services at a certain point of sale.

  • There is NO country / market namely, where chain stores / gas stations give discounts directly to customers upon presentation of Trannn voucher, because they do not participate in the marketing, nor are any discounts or marketing agreed with them in that way.


    • Precisely because of THAT, in all countries / markets, forbidden is the usage or display of any brands of chain stores / petrol stations for the CGB marketing.

    • The REDUCED PAYMENTS through the coalition PURCHASE, therefore, work ONLY upon obtaining Trannn Vouchers (through the CGB's platform) which are then (after actualization) "repurchased" for 50% of their actual “purchase” value, while the “buyout” itself is performed by payment to your OWN virtual revolving balance – where all realized values (from all your transactions) are automatically redirected

    • Such a unique form of ORGANIZED PURCHASE of the most diverse products and services, done WITHOUT any pyramidal structures, recycling memberships or anything similar, has resulted from the synergic effect of the finest qualities of "Direct selling" and "Direct marketing" combined with an improved form of Coalition purchase

    • This is why the CGB system always provides and encloses (for the realized Trannn Vouchers) the means of payment for a particular merchant chain (payment cards or coupons) so that you can purchase all desired goods or services

    • Every registered member gets his own virtual e-office (BackOffice) where he can keep track of the financial transactions on a daily basis, provided that all registered transactions of the day, can be accessed the next day

    • On the "BackOffice" are visible special Bonus points (calculated on a monthly basis) which are, as such, included in the amount of the realized nnnVouchers.

    • Takeover of goods / services by CP/Trannn Vouchers is available through selected national retail chains at nearly 100,000 retail outlets / stores in the world, while for now, it is possible in the EU at 33,000 retail outlets

    It is clear that economically conscientious shoppers
    shall definitely embrace a new "culture of shopping"
    – with nnnVouchers –

    The coalitions/groups are organized and formed on the basis of interest, with the note that CP/Trannn Vouchers are offered with the same benefits through Trade union organizations, Associations, Professional associations, pensioners’ syndicates, etc...


La Dolce Vita nnnVOUCHERS®


Your money worth up to 99 times more in selected Coffee Bars, Restaurants, etc...
La Dolce Vita program focuses on achieving the nnnVoucher intended consumption in coffee bars, restaurants and other catering establishments, so that the money our members are always worth boggling even up to 99 times more !!
Whenever a member achieve nnnVoucher which exceed the value of €399, then he gets a net value (without part of the surrender value) - free of charge, reduced by 1% of the cost.
This means always an incredible 99% discount 
                    (on cost €1.00 - get €100.00 for spending)
Every member, at his request, can in the same way "redeems" (free of charge) nnnVoucher if its value is less than €200, but then pays the costs of 10%