nnnVoucher (CGB/Trannn platform), as an answer to contemporary problems


Thanks to the CGB/Trannn platform the customers (members) have an unlimited and perpetual option to purchase goods and services with savings up to 99%.

On our site you can see the offer only of some possible programs. A list of these programs depends only on the interest and needs of the members – since  the platform itself is neither limited with type of goods, nor with the type of services that are offered, both in the world and by us.

The potential and the force of Coalition buying lies in the fact that customers (who are organized in mini-coalitions with their different needs and interests) form a top-coalition with a large number of members and common purpose – to achieve savings in their purchases. In this way, customers / members achieve a far better deal than by (disorganized) individual purchases, which are, in fact, left to sporadic sale actions (organized by retalilers of goods and services) that, generally, represent either promotional activities, or solving / clearing of inventory.

The aim of this site is to inform potential members with opportunities and operational methods of this Coalition purchase – where they can realize and fulfill their desires and needs, but with savings from 50% to 99% !