Questions and Answers


What is Coalition buying?

Coalition buying is a form of group buying where every member shops with savings, regardless of vendor of goods and services and time-limited offers.

Unlike models of online middlemen where vendor announces the prices and time limit on offers, and then poses conditions for minimum number of buyers, quantity, amount and so on, for an offer to be accepted (examples are Groupon and Tuángou), buying through coalition model does not necessarily depend on such terms.

The Coalition model represents the most modern form of group buying and is based upon entirely new rules and procedures of international CGB platform.


Business model for Coalition Buying is based upon:

Coalition buying – in a nutshell
Coalition Group Buying®

How to achieve 50% savings by making payments to yourself?

Q: What is an “ARTERIAL” system of Coalition buying?

A: If you take time to study the descriptions of diverse world models of Group / Collective Buying, you will find out that Coalition buying rests upon formation of a mini-coalition of EACH MEMBER’s PROFILE with at least ONE other equivalent MEMBER’S PROFILE (even of the same member).

In other words, for each member’s profile a REVOLVING DEPOSIT needs to be paid. The amount is chosen by the member, but as a rule it is not less than one half of aimed nnnVoucher for consumption (min. €100). Next step is to join at least ONE new qualified (with own deposit) profile to the system through one’s own mini-coalition. The linkage thus goes on and it is posited arterially in an almost endless string, with possible capillary arteries (new one’s opened).

Q: How does it work?

A: Here’s a USE CASE scenario for an arterial system of CGB:

Step 1.

Member opens new profile, deposits his amount to his revolving balance, half of the aimed nnnVoucher for consumption (€200 deposit for €400 nnnVoucher)

Step 2.

Through minimum of activity, i.e. with one’s own mini-coalition (enrolling at least ONE equivalent and qualified member’s profile, even of the same member), in each cycle, one attains DOUBLE values for consumption in nnnVoucher when compared to amount deposited


Simply, in first, second, fifth, hundredth or whichever further cycle (no limitations), you wait for nnnVoucher to reach DOUBLE value of your deposit, here €400 per cycle, and then simply “repurchase” that nnnVoucher for 50% of its value by paying to YOUR OWN REVOLVING BALANCE that amount. And yet you receive and spend 100% of nnnVoucher’s value.

REMARK: Fruitions happen on daily basis and you can track them in your own virtual office (BackOffice). In each cycle, daily it is possible to get smaller amounts of nnnVoucher all the way to double amount of your revolving deposit / balance, which can also be “repurchased” in those smaller amounts.

In that way, by repurchasing nnnVoucher, member automatically regenerates one’s own balance to be able to further attain new nnnVouchers for consumption.


Q: How to achieve €1.000 of monthly consumption without any “repurchasing” needed?

A: When your REVOLVING BALANCE reaches €1.000, whether you deposited / invested that amount or gradually accumulated it by using repayments in your BackOffice, you will be able to attain nnnVouchers of €2.000.

When that happens, your nnnVoucher is automatically repurchased, that is to say, you get nnnVoucher of €1.000 for consumption, your REVOLVING BALANCE returns to €1.000, and your nnnVoucher drops to zero, awaiting the fruition of a new cycle, when it all happens anew.

The monthly limit for consumption is €1.000, but there is no limit on how many profiles you can open.


Q: What is the procedure for exiting from CGB?

A: Simple, as desired.

First step is to send your request using the intended form or by writing to email: support(at)cgb-office(dot)ch

Also you need to inform in writing, the person who had enrolled you when you first came to the CGB.

Further procedure:

Within 8 days you shall receive the calculation of amount to be refunded to you from the system. That will be the difference of values of your “repurchased” nnnVouchers (consumed nnnVouchers reduced by 50%) and your first deposit / investment to your profile.

Your sponsor, i.e. member who had enrolled you is bound to propose to your position another member with above calculated amount, which is then paid directly to you instead to the system.

Thus using the same CodeID, another member profile is registered.

If within 30 days, your sponsor doesn’t execute the needed profile swap, the issuing of nnnVouchers for that member will be blocked in your benefit. Using the same principle, the sponsor of your sponsor is also charged and further two positions in the coalition are also charged now with a deadline of 15 days.

If within 45 days neither of those steps yield results, the system will block the issuing of nnnVouchers to further four positions in a coalition above yours, all in your benefit, until the settlement of calculated refund or enrolment of said new member profile.

If within 60 days, your refund should be still unpaid, the system blocks further double number of coalition members until final settlement or enrolment of new member profile.

Q: Why can’t I simply be refunded for the calculated amount from a system directly?

A: Simply because the platform CGB is set up so that to all the members / consumers the system liquidates practically 100°% of paid money on basis of all nnnVouchers, so that such a refund would represent an unauthorized loss for the system.


Q: How do I register?

A: On official sites of CGB system, and, there are several links to forms for pre-registration (either SIGNUP buttons, or with sign PRE-REGISTER). Click there and you’ll be led to online forms for gathering Your data. The form on is specifically designed for nnnGames programs, while the one on is a general form for all programs.

When you send these online forms, a process of your entering to the system will begin and you’ll receive emails informing you of all the steps taken and the ways of payment. Your confirmation will be needed for some of those to be completed.


Q: I have registered, received my CodeID, what now?

A: After successful registration and creating your mini-coalition, you have fulfilled preconditions for nnnVoucher consumption with at least 50% savings.

Q: nnnVouchers?

A: Follow daily your results in your BackOffice

Your “repurchase” your nnnVouchers for consumption for 50% of their value by paying to YOUR OWN profile balance. You get 100% of nnnVoucher amounts for consumption.

Thus you constantly renew the value of your revolving balance, enabling new nnnVouchers for PERMANENT ability of consumption with at least 50% savings.

Q: Where can I use nnnVouchers?

A: You can use nnnVouchers for all the goods and services listed under the CGB programs. Also you can use them by repayment to increase the amount in your revolving balance all the way to €1.000 per profile.

Q: What’s a mini-coalition?

A: A mini-coalition is an organized small group of consumers (consisted of You and at least ONE more) that through chosen CGB programs saves at least 50% of retail price. First of all it represents the ARTERIAL organization of Coalition buying system.

Q: How many times must I organize my mini-coalition?

A: For one profile in a chosen program, you organize it only ONCE. Mini-coalition is requisite for your consumption with at least 50% savings and for permanent qualification.

Your mini-coalition synchronizes the dynamics and amount of your next buying (with savings) in a way that you arrange those on your own accord with your coalition partners.

A permanent qualification implies that each of your coalition partners has organized their own mini-coalition.


Q: What is the dynamics of consumption?

A: The dynamics of cyclic consumption depends basically on you and even more on your coalition partners. Owing to previous consumption of all the partners within the coalition, you fulfil the precondition for “repurchasing” of nnnVouchers. Current value of nnnVouchers for “repurchasing”, you can monitor in your e-office (BackOffice).

Feel free to achieve you desired dynamics of cyclic shopping with at least 50% savings and embrace the concept of nnnVouchers as a new paradigm of shopping.

We suggest you to be selective when choosing your coalition partners, taking care to choose reliable and responsible individuals who want for themselves and their families permanently increased standard through savings with nnnVouchers.

REMARK: After your enrolment, don’t forget to check and set your repayment blockade within 72 hours. That way you can determine how to use your nnnVouchers on your own, whether to increase your balance or to repurchase them. Every member is “one’s own boss” – with this button in BackOffice.

Q: How can I monitor my savings?

A: CGB platform is set up so that all activities are daily based and each member / consumer can track personal savings by using BackOffice, thus enabling them to plan dynamics and amounts of shopping.

Q: Where and how do I get to nnnVouchers for goods and services?

A: Every day in your BackOffice you can check your balance and depending on the amount you repurchase nnnVouchers for 50% of their value and receive 100% for consumption.

Q: Where do I actually carry out savings?

A: Buyers carry out their savings through nnnVouchers, according to the rules and procedures of CGB, NOT with the actual vendor that delivers goods and services.

Every different interpretation in non-accordance with rules of CGB platform is a serious violation which is followed by suspension of membership (and thus savings on consumption).

Q: Can I allow entrance to my mini-coalition to members who already use other CGB programs?

A: Absolutely, entrance to your mini-coalition is allowed to everyone interested, regardless of how many profiles or programs is said member already using. The conditions for organizing and qualifying stay always the same.

Q: For how long can I achieve nnnVouchers with savings?

A: In principle LIFELONG, that is for as long as you have partners in your mini-coalition.